New Major Initiatives in Education

January 15, 2015

The Bush Foundation’s commitment to education will expand in 2015 as it makes new investments in multiple major initiatives. We’re looking for innovative strategies that help more students fulfill their career and life ambitions. Interested organizations and programs may submit a letter of inquiry between January 15 and March 5; new initiatives will be announced in late 2015.

The Foundation’s education goal is to increase the percentage of students from all backgrounds who attain postsecondary success. “But postsecondary success is about more than getting a degree,” said Kayla Yang-Best, the Foundation education director. “We want to make sure all children in the region gain the skill and confidence needed to pursue a career and realize their life ambitions.”

There are many ways to improve academic success that occur both within and outside schools and that focus on kids of all ages — from the earliest learners to those in college.  The Foundation hopes to receive a broad range of ideas from which to select future Major Initiatives — large, long-term grants that support high-potential organizations and programs whose work will help increase the percentage of students who attain postsecondary success. We are particularly seeking strategies that will help kids who are not already on the path to success or that address achievement gaps linked to race and economic status.

“We’re excited to be opening funding for new Major Initiatives in education,” said Jen Ford Reedy, the Foundation’s president. “We’re intentionally keeping the process very open so we can learn about the many new strategies out there to support kids in having postsecondary success.”

The Major Initiatives ultimately selected will join the Foundation’s current portfolio of focused education efforts. The Foundation has a long legacy of supporting education with more than $326 million since 1970, $44.8 million of that since 2009.