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Jen For Reedy speaking on a panel, on stage, in a room full of people

Philanthropy's Role in Systems Change

July 19, 2022

Our own Jen Ford Reedy, president of the Foundation, was recently invited to share a stage with others talking about philanthropy’s role in systems change at the Aspen Ideas Festival in late June.

She was joined by fellow panelists, Rodney Foxworth, CEO of Common Future, and Caryl Stern, executive director of the Walton Family Foundation.

You can watch the full 45-minute talk here. Jen got the chance to provide the closing remarks and had this to say (we paraphrased):

"In philanthropy, a lot of us say that good ideas can come from anywhere. But are we really organized in a way the shows we believe that? Are we working to make sure we’re finding and supporting ideas from everywhere?

Can people apply? Are we reaching out to make sure people have true access and the ability to get resources to do the work that they think is necessary in their communities?

For philanthropy, this requires an openness and a belief, and it also requires structural changes in how we do our work."

The invitation to represent the field of philanthropy at this global event was a big honor to us. We appreciate the recognition of the ways we are thinking bigger and thinking differently about what’s possible in philanthropy.