Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Stewardship Case Study

Beans on a map
Beans on a map

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Stewardship is collaboratively enhancing crop diversity, seed sovereignty and agricultural sustainability in the Northern Plains.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Stewardship’s (NPSAS) Farm Breeding Club is a collaboration between farmers, agronomists, breeders, processors and those interested in good food working together to improve crop seeds for healthier living and greater democracy in agriculture. Their mission is to enhance the crop diversity, seed sovereignty and sustainability of Northern Plains food systems through collaboration.

creating unusual partnerships


After decades of divide, NPSAS brought farmers and academics together in an unprecedented way to develop and select new seed varieties. Merging the experiences, knowledge and resources of both groups encouraged smarter seed development.

breaking the status quo


Local seed sharing and production freed farmers from their reliance on large agricultural breeders and gave power back to the growers. Varieties like the Farm Breeding Club’s Dylan Wheat became a resource for the farming community at large, and revitalized local growing systems so they can withstand change.

Farm landscape


See how Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Stewardship brings farmers and academics together to encourage smarter seed development.