Realizing the Power and Possibility of Individualized Learning

We are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to explore how we, as a region committed to making education more relevant for all students, can Realize the Power and Possibility of Individualized Learning.

Our hope is that this event leaves attendees inspired by the potential of individualized learning, connected to others in the region who are striving to create relevant educational experiences for students and committed to answering the question, “How Do We Move Forward?” 

Realizing the Power and Possibility of Individualized Learning

june 2, 2017
8:15 am – 2:15 pm

minneapolis event center - the riverside
212 SE 2nd street
Minneapolis, MN 55414

About the Event | Speakers | Pathway Sessions

About the Event

Education is critical to making our region better for everyone. Our education system should help all kids reach their full potential. We believe this requires a more individualized approach to learning, one that makes education more relevant for all students.

The guiding goal for the Bush Foundation’s Education initiative is to make our region the national leader in providing individualized education. So, we’re working to inspire, equip and connect leaders in all sectors to Realize the Power and Possibility of Individualized Learning. 

On Friday, June 2, we’re excited to continue our learning journey by offering you an opportunity to join others to discuss ways to make education more relevant for more students through individualized learning. You will have the chance to learn from and connect with leading thinkers and practitioners from the region and across the country. Our hope is that this event will help you discover new ways to make education more relevant for all students in terms of who they are, how they learn and what they want to do

Our Pathway Sessions let you follow your learning and leadership interests to create a customized learning experience that brings you in conversation with leaders in the work of individualized learning locally and nationally.

You can visit our Education page to learn more about our Education initiative and explore the different ways we invest in great ideas and the people who power them.

You can also learn more about the opportunity for schools to design and implement individualized learning through workshops this spring and summer.

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Keynote Speaker: jeff duncan-andrade, Phd

Jeff Duncan-Andrade is an Associate Professor of Raza Studies and Education at San Francisco State University, Co-Founder of the Teaching Excellence Network (TEN) and the founder of Roses in Concrete Community School in Oakland, CA.

Jeff lectures around the world about the elements of effective teaching in schools serving poor and working-class children.  Working closely with teachers, school site leaders, and school district officials nationally, and as far abroad as Brazil and New Zealand, Jeff helps practitioners develop classroom practices and school cultures that foster self-confidence, esteem, and academic success among all students. His pedagogy has been widely studied and acclaimed for producing uncommon levels of social and academic success for students.

carlos moreno, Co-Executive Director of Big Picture Learning

Carlos Moreno is Co-Executive Director of Big Picture Learning, a network dedicated to the principle that students will be at the center of their own learning.

Carlos is the visionary for all of the network’s school and district-wide programs, leading a national team of regional directors and School Design Coaches and coordinating leadership development and support services for school and district leaders. Carlos also leads Big Picture’s work with scores of non-Big Picture schools that wish to incorporate elements of the Big Picture Learning design.

Andrew Frishman, Co-Executive Director of Big Picture Learning

Andrew Frishman is Co-Executive Director of Big Picture Learning. Andrew began his career as an Advisor at Big Picture’s Met Sacramento High School. He has assisted with the expansion of the Big Picture Network in a variety of capacities, including supporting the launch of innovative schools across the United States and internationally.  

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Pathway Sessions

One of the core principles of individualized learning is that students learn best when they are able to follow their interests.  In this way, students in an individualized school will create uniquely meaningful pathways to their learning.  We hope to reflect that principle in the design of our day.  

When you register, you will be able to rank order your top three choices of which Pathway Session you'd like to attend. We’ll do our best to accommodate your pathway preference to create a memorable individualized learning experience!

policy change

Create a supportive policy context for the work of individualized learning

district change

Imagine how districts can change in the service of individualizing learning for their students 

school-based change

Explore the ways schools and school teams design and re-design their programs and lead a process of change toward more individualized learning for their students

Students and Families in the Heart of Change

Hear from students and families about the ways they experience individualized learning

Three Dimensions of Change

Learn more about the three dimensions of the Bush Foundation’s definition of individualized learning – instructional relevance, cultural relevance, and career relevance


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