Rural Renewable Energy Alliance Case Study

two people installing solar panels
two people installing solar panels

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance is powering up community by bridging the renewable energy access divide between urban areas and less affluent rural areas.

Excerpt from The Case Study

Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL) fights energy poverty with a focus on expanding solar energy — using strong partnerships and a culture of ideas to build a solar workforce in rural Minnesota and help make the benefits of solar energy accessible to all.

a space for ideas

a space for ideas

RREAL promotes a healthy culture of exchange, welcoming ideas and input from staff and community alike, as part of a people- centric approach that guides all of its work.

the local angle

THE local angle

As one of the only solar energy organizations operating in rural Minnesota, RREAL has learned to be proactive about creating approaches specific to its region and to ensure its deep partnerships are as impactful as possible.

communications as catalyst

communication as catalyst

RREAL has had to work hard to help solar energy gain acceptance in the broader energy ecosystem — finding messages that work for specific audiences and pushing through difficult challenges to its work.

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See how the Rural Renewable Energy Alliance is using solar energy to reduce poverty in Central and Northern Minnesota.