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Bethlehem Gronneberg
Bethlehem Gronneberg

Bethlehem Gronneberg (BF’16) is engaging girls in STEM from Fargo to Ethiopia

Bethlehem Gronneberg

Inspiring Minds, Bridging Gaps

Bethlehem Gronneberg (BF'16) multiplies her impact from Ethiopia to Fargo and back again.

Mihailo “Mike” Temali

Risk for Reward

Mihailo “Mike” Temali (BF’98) works with urban communities to help them grow from within.

Dipankar Mukherjee

Positive Direction

Dipankar Mukherjee (BF’05) leads Pangea World Theater with a message of peace and inclusion.

Fellows: 2020

Fellows: Where Are They Now? (2020 Issue)

Q&As with past Bush Fellows.

Maria Cristina “Tina” Tavera

Think Bigger. Think Differently: Maria Cristina Tavera

Artistry, scholarship and identity intertwined.

Amelia Franck Meyer in front of life size drawings of children

What Would Love Do?

Amelia Franck Meyer (BF’15) is transforming the child welfare system by healing trauma and putting families first.

Julie Garreau in the snow and winter coat in front of graffiti art on wall

Change You Can See

Julie Garreau (BF’16) and her community build hope with the Cheyenne River Youth Project.

Heather Simonich

Teaching Trauma Awareness

Heather Simonich (BF’12) is giving teachers tools to identify and respond to child traumatic stress.

Fellow Illustrations by Allegra Lockstadt

Fellows: Where Are They Now? (2019 Issue)

Q&As with past Bush Fellows.

Dr. Tami Jollie-Trottier

Think Bigger. Think Differently: Dr. Tami Jollie-Trottier

Dr. Tami Jollie-Trottier (BF’16) has developed a multi-generational art space.

Kou Thao

Inside Bush Fellowship Selection

Bush Fellows are selected each year by panels of Bush Fellow alumni, Foundation staff and community leaders.

“Zack”  and co-owner wife Sahra Gure, outside the Midtown Plaza Mall in downtown Willmar

Building a Cultural Epicenter

Abdirizak “Zack” Mahboub (BF'10) balances entrepreneurial ambition with a vision of strengthening community.