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Bethlehem Gronneberg
Bethlehem Gronneberg

Bethlehem Gronneberg (BF’16) is engaging girls in STEM from Fargo to Ethiopia

Bethlehem Gronneberg

Inspiring Minds, Bridging Gaps

Bethlehem Gronneberg (BF'16) multiplies her impact from Ethiopia to Fargo and back again.

Photography Ackerman + Gruber

Community in Charge

Appetite for Change puts North Minneapolis in control of its own food spaces.

Mihailo “Mike” Temali

Risk for Reward

Mihailo “Mike” Temali (BF’98) works with urban communities to help them grow from within.

trash cleanup

Restoring the Wild

How two creative collaborations enhanced Minnesota’s natural habitats.

Rebuilding Thumbnail

Rebuilding for the Future

Native Governance Center reflects on the first decade of its Native Nation Rebuilders program and the work ahead.

The Granite Falls Bridge, which is a suspension footbridge crossing the Minnesota River, was built next to downtown Granite Falls in 1935.

Hometown Legacy

Archibald Bush’s community spirit lives on in his birthplace of Granite Falls, Minnesota.

Dipankar Mukherjee

Positive Direction

Dipankar Mukherjee (BF’05) leads Pangea World Theater with a message of peace and inclusion.

Fellows: 2020

Fellows: Where Are They Now? (2020 Issue)

Q&As with past Bush Fellows.

Maria Cristina “Tina” Tavera

Think Bigger. Think Differently: Maria Cristina Tavera

Artistry, scholarship and identity intertwined.

bushConnect 2018

Inclusive Events That Spark True Engagement

Develop inclusive events that spark true engagement and allow attendees to participate fully.

Buh Foundation host a reception

2019 Events

Building and strengthening connections among people working to make the region better for everyone.

Bush Foundation conference room

Board Member Profiles

Get to know Bush Foundation board members.