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Amelia Franck Meyer
Amelia Franck Meyer

Amelia Franck Meyer (BF’15) is transforming the child welfare system

Oglala Sioux land

Native Nation-Building Spans Strategies & Generations

The Bush Foundation’s work to support the self-determination of 23 Native nations builds on relationships formed across decades of support for Bush Fellows and for Native-focused education, legal, environmental and community projects.

Justin Beaulieu

A Nation Building Era

Net fishing

Honoring Success in Tribal Governance


In Progress: The One That Got Away

Have you ever committed a crime you DIDN'T have to pay for?


Connect: 2014

Here’s a little of what’s been going on at the Bush Foundation.

by  Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

2014 Learning Log

Full-Year Residency Program Graduates from Pilot to Statewide Effort.