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We are a learning organization and work to be smarter and more effective every year. We never lose sight of the reason we exist: to do the most possible good with the resources left to the community by Archibald G. Bush. Here we share the lessons we learn through our efforts, as well as the insights of our grantees and Fellows.

images of people involved in the Native Nations Rebuilders Program
Papers & Reports

An evaluation of the Native Nation Rebuilders Program from 2010–2019 with Native Governance Center and Bowman Performance Consulting.

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Bush Prize Case Study

Learn how Men As Peacemakers has developed a range programs that promote gender equity, repair harm and prevent future violence.

Juxtaposition Arts
Bush Prize Case Study

JXTA works with residents and stakeholders towards a vision of improved access to educational, economic and decision-making opportunities that create healthy, beautiful and safe physical environments, with a focus on North Minneapolis.

Community Innovation
Papers & Reports

Our hope is that by providing examples and analyzing themes within this review of how the 18 Bush Prize winners from 2013 and 2014 achieved their innovations and foster a culture of innovation, readers will have a greater understanding of the factors and approaches that are common among organizations that have demonstrated a pattern of community innovation. 

Bush Fellow Learning Log

"I have learned about a different kind of courage. It is the courage to look deep within myself to understand and bring forth my intuitive leadership abilities and to be true to those, even when others would like me to do otherwise."

Reflections from Bush Fellows and Grantees

Learning Logs

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Learning Logs
Community Innovation process
Learning Logs