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We are a learning organization and work to be smarter and more effective every year. We never lose sight of the reason we exist: to do the most possible good with the resources left to the community by Archibald G. Bush. Here we share the lessons we learn through our efforts, as well as the insights of our grantees and Fellows.

Bush Fellow Learning Log
"Carving out the space to do this work has been a challenge, but I’ve found that by focusing on self-care and wellness, the much needed internal conversation goes more smoothly. For me this looks like working towards alignment of the mind, body and spirit. "
Learning Log

Our work on this initiative also underscored the importance of relationships to effecting change, and relationships take time to build.

Lakewood Health System
Bush Prize Case Study

Lakewood Health System (LHS) harnesses its size and agility to inspire innovations that lead to a healthier, economically stronger region.

Students and Teachers
Bush Prize Case Study
Behavior Management Systems
Bush Prize Case Study

Behavior Management Systems (BMS) is the Black Hills region’s largest and most comprehensive provider of community-based behavioral and mental health services.

Teacher and students
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We launched the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative (TEI) in 2009, with the goal of preparing and placing 25,000 new, effective teachers within our service region by 2020. 

Reflections from Bush Fellows and Grantees

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Learning Logs
Community Innovation process
Learning Logs