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Bush Prize


Application dates vary by region, please see program page for details

About the Bush Prize

The Bush Prize celebrates organizations that are highly valued within their communities and have a track record of successful community problem solving.

Bush Prize grants are flexible and can be used to build up reserves or test that next big idea or whatever else would best support the organization's ongoing good work. The grant amounts are up to 25% of an organization’s most recent fiscal year expenses, with a maximum of $500,000.

Formerly known as the Bush Prize for Community Innovation, the program is now known as the Bush Prize and is done in partnership between the Bush Foundation and its four community grant partners – Good Relatives Collaborative, Headwaters Foundation for Justice, South Dakota Community Foundation and Strengthen ND.

Each partner operates the Bush Prize using similar criteria and announces the winners at the same time yet has the flexibility to run different application and selection timelines. The four partners also will select and announce the Bush Prize winners, as well as provide any support along the way.

March 15, 2023 – applications open

Bush Prize: North Dakota – see Strengthen ND for information and updates


April 2023 – specific dates TBD

Bush Prize: Native Nations – see Good Relatives Collaborative for information and updates as they become available


May 2023 – specific dates TBD

Bush Prize: South Dakota – see South Dakota Community Foundation for information and updates as they become available

Bush Prize: Minnesota –see Headwaters Foundation for Justice for information and updates as they become available


October 3, 2023

Bush Prize winners announced by all four community grant partners


Please visit each community grant partner’s website for details about the application process, criteria and more detailed timelines.

Past Bush Prize Winners

woman and child
2019 Bush Prize Winner
Women at a table
2019 Bush Prize Winner
Solar Panels
2019 Bush Prize Winner
Women sitting at a desk
2019 Bush Prize Winner

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