Archibald Bush with a Gift
Archibald Bush with a Gift

Bush and Chemical Dependency Treatment

A famous teetotaler who never allowed a penny of 3M money to be spent on alcohol, Archibald Bush was a generous supporter of Minnesota’s early recovery movement. One example of his commitment was his role in establishing Granville House, a transitional care facility for women with alcoholism, in St. Paul in 1963.

Under Archie’s leadership, the Bush Foundation purchased the property, funded its start-up costs, and actively collaborated with other public and private institutions to establish the residence. Chemical dependency research, treatment and rehabilitation remained a priority within the Foundation’s human services grants for many years.

We think Archie would be glad that today the Bush Foundation is supporting the work of Face It TOGETHER and investing in Bush Fellows like David Whitesock who are continuing to advance the field.

Face It TOGETHER is transforming how communities address addiction.

David Whitesock’s journey through addiction and life-changing work with Face It TOGETHER.