New Staff, New Roles and More

July 19, 2022

A lot has been happening this spring and summer! We’re thrilled to share some staff news with you that includes new people, new positions and some familiar faces in new roles. We have six new people that have joined our terrific team since March. Two of those people fill brand-new roles – grantmaking officers located in North Dakota and South Dakota. Keep reading on our website to learn more and get to know our staff. 

Kassira Absar is a learning and evaluation manager and works to understand how the Foundation makes and supports impact in the region. She uses her community-centered and equitable evaluation practices to think about approaches to evaluation that are rooted in and driven by those doing and impacted by the work. 

Malcom Chapman is the grantmaking officer focusing on South Dakota. He founded the Chapman Group and was a national speaker, facilitator, and convener. Chapman is excited to be a partner on looking for new ideas and people that might impact the region in a BIG way. 

Justin Christy joined the Foundation in 2010 and recently transitioned to a new role, a learning and evaluation manager. He develops and implements strategies for using data and continuous learning to drive improvement. Justin is passionate about building transparency, accountability and trust between funders and community.

Amanda Rios Heintz is the grants administrator and manages the administration of grants in steps of the grantmaking process. 

Tammy Nolen, communications officer, promotes the Foundation's grant opportunities to make the region better for everyone. She is excited to share inspiring stories of our grantees and Fellows to help spread great ideas. 

Kari Ruth, communications director, advances the goals of the Foundation by providing leadership for communications to promote the Foundation. She is inspired by individual stories and the vibrancy of local communities in the region.

Lyndsay Ulrickson is the grantmaking officer focused on North Dakota and is committed to supporting rural organizations across the state navigate the grantmaking process. She is excited to support an equitable experience for rural applicants driving transformative change in their communities.