Portrait of Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson

Program Operations Officer

As a Program Operations Officer, Amy designs and leads our grantmaking, program-related investment and vendor processes, in partnership with grantmaking officers and directors. She is also responsible for managing the Ecosystem Grant Program.​ At every step of our processes, she works to ensure simple, supportive and equitable experiences for our applicants, grantees and partners. She loves to problem-solve and implement grantmaking improvements to make access to funding easier. Amy joined the Foundation in 2010.

Prior to her work at the Foundation, Amy was a Principal Associate at Zachary and Associates, an economic development firm in Detroit focusing on securing financing for historic preservation projects. She was a project manager on multi-million-dollar projects, providing consultation to non-profit organizations and private developers on complex urban redevelopments that required a variety of non-conventional funding sources and creative financing solutions.

In her free time, Amy loves traveling and exploring, and as often as possible, taking her small dog along for the ride.