Our Equity Work

Equity is central to the Bush Foundation’s purpose: to inspire and support creative problem solving, within and across sectors, to make our region better for everyone. 

As we work toward being more equitable in our work at the Foundation, we plan to publicly share our successes and setbacks in hopes we can be useful to others. We do so with humility and recognition that we are — and will always be — a work in progress.


What We're Doing and Learning

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Equity Statement

Our commitment to equity is central to our mission, springs from our values and informs our decision-making processes.

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Addressing racial wealth gaps

We seeded two community trust funds with $100 million in new funding in an effort to address racial wealth gaps. Photo courtesy of Akiptan/Sky Bear Media

Develop inclusive events that spark true engagement and allow attendees to participate fully.

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Learning Paper

Building an Inclusive Culture

Changing organizational culture takes intention and time. Since 2013, we’ve worked to create a more inclusive culture internally so that we can be more effective externally. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

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Inclusivity Practice

In 2018, based on continuing learning and feedback, a staff committee updated our original equity framework to create our Inclusivity Practice tool. We are working to embed this practice into our daily work and decision making.

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Learning Paper

Building a Stellar Staff

We believe that we're more effective when our staff reflects a wide range of perspectives and life experiences. Here are the strategy and tactics we use as we apply an equity lens to recruitment, selection and hiring.