Behavior Management Systems Case Study

Landscape at sunset
Landscape at sunset

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Behavior Management Systems makes access to professional care easy by linking adults to the powerful community resources they need to improve mental health.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Behavior Management Systems (BMS) is the Black Hills region’s largest and most comprehensive provider of community-based behavioral and mental health services. Each year, BMS helps over 11,000 people of all ages cope with the stresses of life. BMS is a leading member of the Crisis Care Center (CCC), a facility that supports adults who struggle with mental health or substance abuse issues supported by 40 South Dakota organizations.

solving community problems

Solving Community Problems

With an array of problems to solve, the organizations rallied together to develop a collective, data-driven approach to tackle mental health and substance abuse in the community. Members of the collaborative dedicate weekly time to assist CCC clients and divvy up community needs by funneling people toward the organization that best meets their unique issue.

rallying around relief

Rallying Around Relief

The CCC originally received the bulk of its referrals from hospitals and law enforcement, but after a successful community awareness campaign the majority of patients started proactively seeking services themselves. Despite supporting more people than ever, the collaborative cut down the amount of time it took to get patients follow-up care — from several weeks, to only a day or two.

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See how Behavior Management Systems makes access to professional care easy.