Central Regional Education Association Case Study

People meeting
People meeting

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Central Regional Education Association's (formerly Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative) multilayered approach to advancing knowledge and developing resources has built the capacity of schools to better respond to student behavior and physical health concerns.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Central Regional Education Association (CREA) and its partners led a major effort to increase awareness of trauma and help districts develop trauma-informed practices. This year-long process resulted in the statewide adoption of the Trauma Sensitive Schools Training process.

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Partnerships That Put People First

CREA builds partnerships and works hard to keep those partners engaged. In the push for statewide adoption of Trauma Sensitive Schools, CREA worked closely with its creator, updating her at every step of the process. The result was a valuable sense of trust between partners that improved the final product.

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Gluing it all together

After seeing his staff operate in silos for the first few years of his leadership, Executive Director Luke Schaefer made a concerted effort to build stronger connections between his CREA colleagues. The team developed a shared set of values, which became a focal point for their work and their relationships with each other.

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See how Central Regional Education Association built the capacity of schools to better respond to student behavior and health.