Fargo-Moorhead Coalition for Homeless Persons Case Study

coalition meeting
coalition meeting

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Fargo-Moorhead Coalition for Homeless Persons advances collaborative solutions and improvements that address the many causes of homelessness.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Using its collaborative approach, Fargo-Moorhead Coalition for Homeless Persons (FM Coalition) developed a multi-state model to fix the fragmented services that present barriers for people experiencing homelessness. The success of this model and the improvements it enabled were made possible by the Coalition’s ability to overcome the challenging jurisdictional context in the region.

Sharing Ownership

The Team Approach

FM Coalition always opts for cooperation over competition. When the United Way offered $600,000 for a case management system overhaul, the group worked with its members to create a collaborative design process that could engage the entire community.

Emphasize Learning

Moving Past Mistakes

When a data consolidation project stalled after three years of efforts, FM Coalition channeled the setback into a fresh start. The Coalition led a team effort to take stock of what went wrong so that past mistakes wouldn’t be repeated in the future.

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See how Fargo-Moorhead Coalition for Homeless Persons bridges myriad geo-political borders to find permanent solutions to homelessness.