Hope Community Case Study

woman painting a mural
woman painting a mural

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Hope Community is working closely with people living in the Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis to identify community challenges and drive solutions.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Hope Community is based in the racially diverse, low- and moderate-income Phillips neighborhood of South Minneapolis. The organization works with community members and is known for its groundbreaking model of continuous engagement. Over 1,000 youth and adults work with Hope Community each year to build stronger lives and more power for their families and communities.



The way in which Hope Community engages with the neighborhood defines its work. The organization continually invests in residents as experts and leaders capable of affecting significant change. It actively seeks feedback from community members and weaves their ideas throughout all of its programming.

sharing ownership


Hope Community celebrates a nontraditional management structure that removes silos from its work and puts the community at the center of its mission. To extend the reach of a smaller staff, it vets potential partner organizations whose values, working styles and goals align with its own.

People sitting at a table


See how Hope Community is sparking solutions in South Minneapolis.