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Insights Into

Community Problem Solving

What it means to be inclusive
in problem solving

Inclusivity is critical for effective problem solving. Whenever you are taking on a tough community problem, it's important to involve a variety of different stakeholders.

There is no doubt that our commitment to being inclusive brought many challenges and delays... nevertheless, this commitment to an inclusive process is undoubtedly what led to some of the greatest discoveries - innovative ideas that are different from the status quo.

— Grantee

Based on our grantees' experiences, it's important to thoughtfully consider how to include the following groups in problem-solving efforts:

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Those most affected by the problem

Especially those whose voices are typically left out of the conversation

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Those who are needed to create change

Especially those in a position to implement (or impede) a solution

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Other experts who can share the latest information on the problem or change current thinking

... By embracing this inclusive approach, we have not only been able to achieve authentic input from a wide variety of stakeholders, [but have] helped people feel valued and heard and have advanced the system change we're seeking...

— Grantee