Report date
July 2021
Learning Log

I want to first say something that stands out to me about my leadership development is the connections that I have made. I am thankful for the connections that I have made and am looking forward to making more. What surprises me is the amount of self reflection and planning I have done. My plan with language revitalization continues to evolve and change; all things which I think are good. I am finding methods that work and some that do not work as well. When applying and going through the application process and you ask, think Big and now think Bigger, etc. I feel like that has stuck with me and helped me to visualize what I want to see and be a part of and make happen with language revitalization. I believe that it has also made me realize leadership development on its own and not just with language revitalization. There are many components to language revitalization and through my own leadership development it is helping me to see more and know that there are more pieces to put together. There are many components to leadership and trying to grow in the different areas simultaneously at times can be overwhelming.

Something else that is surprising and not necessarily with my leadership development is that we are still doing this through a global pandemic; which is arguable by some that we are or aren't still in a pandemic. Surprising in my leadership development I have discovered a lot about how I do not want to be as a leader. Knowing and seeing some of the things I have this year and through the pandemic and lock downs, etc I have been able to apply strategies to who I am as a leader. Lock downs and travel is opening up more and I am looking forward to getting out to visit the immersion programs/schools this upcoming year. I am surprised that I haven't got to go on campus yet for my PhD and I am really looking forward to being on campus in the fall for a couple of weeks. I knew that my PhD program would be challenging, inspiring, life changing, and much more, but I am surprised at the journey I have been on because of it. I think that growing with my PhD cohort and learning from them as well and helping me in my leadership development has been a huge piece of year one of my Bush Fellow. As with my PhD cohort and my Bush Fellow cohort I really am hoping that at some point our Fellowship cohort will get to meet in person. I enjoy reading the chatter from my cohort and to continue to learn from them and be inspired to keep growing and helping to make positive changes in the world.