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January 2022
Learning Log

As the Fellowship is winding down, I think my understanding of leadership has continued to evolve. Throughout this time in growing in my leadership, I think that self-reflection has been an asset and will continue to use self-reflection. There are plenty of things I have learned that I do not want to do in a leadership role or opportunity. These things have made me think more of if I do not want to do this, then how would I do this. In self-reflecting and seeing how I don't want to be a leader has helped me to continue to lead in different ways. I believe that everyone reacts differently to situations so being able to lead in different ways is helpful. Some people can handle more aggressive leadership while others do not. Leadership comes in many forms and it is ok to make mistakes, more importantly, I think if mistakes are made they should be faced and then move forward. Dwelling on things that do not work can help in assessing the situation, but the real growth will come from moving forward.

Self-care is a high priority for me, but I cannot seem to make it a reality. I am working on it to actually happen and not just say I need to do this or that etc. With all the different projects I am stepping in to I am going to continue to make self-care a reality. I know through experience that I am able to continue on with little self-care, but I think it is important for the longevity of my own well-being.