Report date
January 2021
Learning Log

The first 6 months of the fellowship I focused primarily on developing new self-care practices, building my team, and exploring new learning opportunities that I wanted to pursue in the near future. Quickly, I learned that I needed to be kind to myself, because despite the fact that I had received the Bush fellowship helping me to carve out time and space for my leadership growth the realities of COVID-19 and the racial unrest in the Twin Cities made my work in higher demand, making saying no harder and harder each day. However, I got a new therapist and coach. Began to explore alternative healing practices and built a new support network of like-minded women of color leaders, healers, and dreamers. I then shifted to building the team that I needed to be secure in my business and to delegate more to help free up more of my time. The most important lesson is to be flexible and start small. Changing habits that have in many ways helped you become the successful person you are, but were not necessarily helping you grow your individual leadership is not easy. However, I found that have the right support team that included people that feed my mental and emotional health, as well as a team of professionals to help me delegate and move more into my strengths, has been key. Even despite all this intention nothing happened in my desired time framework, I had to let go of working with certain people, and I found others along the way.