Report date
May 2023
Learning Log

Dear beloved, I decided to write a letter to you so I may write from the heart.I want to share how difficult it has been for me to allow myself to actually BE, and BREATH it is now May, and I am finally, and even ore so barely taking the rest I so sought.
I have been putting it on the back burner, because I am used to doing the Impact work and of course, the leadership development has been much easier for me to DO, as we always DO! Allow me to let you know that you are here because of the genius in you and how you have worked hard to be here.
I know that in your story, must have been some hurdles that have brought you to this place.Allow yourself to engage in the spirit restorative work you may not have been allowed to do due to systems in place that have limited and disallowed rest.For a community leader, and visionary, I understand the need to the "Impact Area work " versus "Ecosystem approach work".Restoration and repair, I have learned can be accomplished by making and creating time to recover and recharge.
Now that I have sent my code of conduct for radical rest, I would like to share my learnings;
As a Black Leader and an Afro-Immigrant Leader, this Fellowship experience has enabled me to understand that my leadership is both vital and resilient, how the challenges in my community presented differently and the creative solving skills I earned, and continue to sharpen may not always look like work but we have been doing the hard work.
I have also been reflecting on our our ways of knowing, healing and being, have been spirit led.Due to this gift I have managed to learn how to be still, and know that the work continues even when I rest.Most importantly, I felt that there was VALUE, gifted in my abundance.These have been the lessons, thus far.