Report date
May 2020
Learning Log

Ahhh. Where to begin?
There is so much to share but I guess I will begin with expressing my gratitude and everlasting appreciation for the entire process. I have gained tremendously from the past two years.
I have mostly been secure in the journey underfoot but the confidence I have acquired from the Bush Fellowship experience is definitely invaluable and something I will cherish for a lifetime.
The bonds I have been privileged to form in my networking are second only to the friendships I have been blessed with both with my fellow Fellows but even in the circles that my work has placed me in.
Regarding the 'wish I knew then what I know now' (lol) statement: I have absolutely no regrets. Zero. None. I feel that when a limit is placed on something as meaningful as personal goals and development it impacts the entirety of life and life's trajectory. Sometimes when you are open to it, life has a way of giving you more than you asked for. That has been what the past two years have been for me - more than I've asked for. Bush Fellow For Life! Lol.
It is my sincere hope and wish to remain close to those I have gained both from and by in this journey, especially Coach. That man has been a real mentor to me and I am honored to call him kola (friend).
I was a bit surprised by ms Anita and her dedication to the process. All the Bush administration folks that have lent me assistance are exactly what has made the experience possible and memorable. They all are the right people.
Like the Fellowship I have made lifelong improvements and advances personally as well as professionally. For the entire process I am eternally grateful and my appreciation is everlasting.
In my culture we have no words for good-bye, only see you later so here it is with a bit of sadness and reluctance but some relief, accomplishment and achievement - Toksa Ake'.