Report date
May 2023
Learning Log

I keep coming back to the phrase, leadership being squishy. Leadership comes in many forms, and is often coloring outside the lines. Sometimes it can show up in situations magazines like the Harvard Business School can dissect, and often times there is no roadway. I have been thinking about a couple of things related to leadership. One, as a leader, it is often difficult to hold all the minute details. I’ve seen some leaders excel at brilliantly summarizing an issue or a problem but often stumble when it’s time to go one level deeper. Leaders I’ve admired have often had the brilliant ability to speak at a 40,000 foot level, and adept at dissecting weeds. A second aspect of leadership I’ve been thinking about is the actual managing part. Managing others well requires finesse. My leadership in this aspect is one based on trust. I don’t like to be micromanage, nor do I micromanage. I set expectations, and let people have the freedom to work. I am learning, though there is a balance between managing others and managing your own creativity required to attain goals you’ve set out for yourself and organization. More on this point later, as I believe it’s an interesting space to watch.