Report date
January 2021
Learning Log

First of all I would say its exciting, the staff and support that I've received from the Bush Fellowship has been great, they are helpful understanding and always willing to help with any issues. Although the pandemic has limited each of us from what we can do in our surroundings Bush has really helped me keep pace and stay on track. I know that there are different levels of achievements for each of us that are a part of the bush fellowship so all I can do is speak of the experience thus far from my point of view. For a new fellow, make sure your on top of your logs, that's important, with your busy schedule, scheduling is top of the list when it comes to prioritizing your life's plans. Having a coach has been really helpful, I selected Joy Persall, she has been helpful with my choice of direction. I'm still learning, still understanding that I have to take time for myself, but with these dangerous times its a hard thing to do, to focus on myself. I've made mistakes in these past 6 months and I imagine that I will for the remainder of my life, but its those mistakes that I've learned the most important lessons from, so if I was to give advice or some enlightenment to a new bush fellow, it would be "don't allow fear to keep you from pursuing your goals", it is a cliché but its true. Bliheciya, make yourself strong on all levels, mind, body and spirit.