Report date
July 2021
Learning Log

I'm happy with how I've been learning. The classes that I have enrolled in and how much interest that I've found in them, what I am learning will be useful in my work and continued education. This is near the halfway point in my Bush Fellowship, I feel that there is a lot more to learn on this journey. All that is happening in the world, the work that I've been speaking about is becoming more and more important to future generations. Covid has taken so much from our communities but I'm confident that we will do well in our efforts to make sure our traditions for the future are alive and thriving. There are ceremonies that are coming back to our people, ceremonies that haven't been practiced and forgotten for a very long time, now they are coming back to life. I know the residential school history that has been brought to light, its something our communities had already been suffering from in the past, trauma passed on from generation to generation. Stories told by our grandparents, we had no reason to doubt them. We have a direction that our relatives gave us, they gave us dreams that may take a life time in attempting to bring to life but we have a way and that is more than what most people have in this world. The tradition can give something back to the native communities, it was all taken away at one point in the past but its coming back to our nations again. Its something that I dream of being able to do, I've been completing this on a small scale but I know one day, the ability to provide these teachings can be done on a larger scale. Again, being on this journey has been a gift, I'm grateful and although I felt like I should make life easier for myself, I've challenged myself to do as much as I can within the time that I am a part of this fellowship. Pilamiya, Lila Wopila Tanka. Thank you and big thanks.