Report date
July 2022
Learning Log

This Journey has been a true blessing. First of all, the fellowship couldn't come at a better time, a time that I needed support, providing me with the ability to collect and empower myself. I never believed I could be so close to what I've managed to accomplish during my fellowship. I know it's probably been a very different process for the fellowship, regardless it's been deeply rewarding on many levels. I'm very near in completing my degree and this only contributes to my level of self-confidence. The knowledge that I was seeking through my nations traditions has been continuous I can't express how grateful I am, of all the accomplishments that I've been able to obtain, this is the most valuable to me and my Oyate.

What stands out the most for me, is that I still can't believe that I was selected to be a fellow. I was selected and that tells me that I have something to give back to my community, on a larger scale. This is just the beginning of what I able to offer to my community.

Lila Wopila na Pilamiya.

Big thanks and thank you.