Report date
November 2022
Learning Log

Taking on this project has revealed so many lessons. I am growing and feel myself getting grounded in a new way. I am almost done with my masters, I have been attending therapy and coaching, I just started working with a personal trainer and for the first time in two years, I have 24 hour workspace available to me outside of the home.

With two weeks left in my Masters program, I am so thankful to be completing this degree. On one hand, I want my weekends back and it would be nice to not always feel guilty about being behind on the readings and papers. The timing to complete this degree isn't great, I am in year two of basically a start up nonprofit and my time for studying is limited. Yet, it forces me to prioritize different parts of my brain. It also, is a confidence booster. The subjects are interesting and from my professional experience, I know some things that expand concepts for me. One concept has been a revisiting of concepts like adaptive leadership and key structures of nonprofits and government. And at the same time, with two classes left, I am ready to be done and look forward to the leadership opportunities having my masters opens up for me in the near future.

Therapy and coaching were long overdue and helped me navigate some pretty tough situations. It is good to create space to digest how I relate to people and let go of some unhealthy patterns. It has been a space for me to remember that I am not trying to be the best, but I am just trying to get better and help my community.

Working out and having 24 hour access to a shared work space has been amazing. I am feeling stronger and I have more structure to how I use my time. The structure has been missing for too long. But I know I am not alone on that. COVID disrupted everyone somehow. But, knowing that I have dedicated space and time to work and physical exercises has been transformative for me.

At this stage of the fellowship, I am feeling stronger, more grounded and I have space to focus. When I finish school this semester, I will have accomplished something that has remained elusive for years. The fellowship has put me in a space where I actually have the tools and space to process what I am doing.