Report date
November 2021
Learning Log

The deepest of learning comes by way of experiences, and this could not have been more accurate than it has been for me as I reflect on the opportunities afforded to me by The Bush Foundation to experience the world as I have in this past quarter. The Bush Foundation provided me with many opportunities to make meaningful connections, not only with the local community, but with the international one as well. Although it has been very difficult to travel around the globe due to COVID-19, I was able to travel both to Somalia, and UAE.

I was fortunate to meet traditional healers in those countries and experience the Dubai Expo where 192 countries joined in the melding of minds to visualize and usher in the future and I found myself face to face with Lucy, a 3.2 million year old skeleton of a female hominin species! A meeting 3.2 million years in the making! And no better place to reflect on how far mankind has come along than at the Dubai Expo. As a forward thinker and a believer in global thinking and the power of brotherhood, meeting and talking to global leaders in healthcare, business and technology, I found myself inspired, motivated, and turbocharged by this gathering of minds and purposeful positive human initiative which made me realize that our local and global mission of health equity and social equality is one.

I learned that all traditional healers are not made the same, nor are they a homogeneous group which makes their work very complex. Each traditional healer has his role to play in his/her community and title. Some traditional healers are well respected and highly trusted in the community due to their skills, reputation and their tribal lineage , community trust and passed down tradition. They are very expensive; people travel long distance to see them and they have a long wait list. Although there are many kinds of traditional healers, they're three prominent types which I will reserve reporting on now, as this is a public record, and I want to preserve this informative finding for my future publications on the subject.

All these experiences allowed me to embrace and identify people from all over the world and from different walks of life. Most importantly, I find myself inspired to learn more moving forward.