Report date
October 2022
Learning Log

Earlier in this journey, I learned the importance of wisdom leadership. I know now that the essential aspect of leadership is wisdom which acts like the guiding strings of a loom, while the organic nature of leadership is more like the weaving of a masterpiece.
Leadership is values. Values I’ve noted so far include; vigilance, perseverance, speaking the truth even when it’s not comfortable or fashionable, calculated optimism and strength, even if manufactured.
I’m now convinced that leadership, therefore, is and does, look different for different people and at different times. Understanding the components of wisdom leadership makes it easier to recognize, build upon and maintain one’s own unique style.
After all, there is leadership in a mother or father raising a child, in a business owner working to succeed, in a teacher guiding students, or a politician championing the ideas of a party.
As a psychotherapist with a dual public health degree, I’m consistently navigating and organically travelling with my minds eye between the micro and macro levels. This allows me to see social aspects of leadership in my field from a unique perspective. My hope is to continue refining this perspective through my own work building my unique brand of wisdom leadership.