Report date
January 2019
Learning Log

The thing that has changed in the understanding of my leadership is the concept that we are much more talented/powerful/capable than we think we are and that is both scary and amazing at the same time. Its amazing because I now realize, or at least can't deny that I am capable of doing all the things I set out to do because I am far more intentional and reflective of my leadership. I'm constantly in a state of reflection on day to day interactions, as well as the down the line trends that are being carved out. I also realize when I'm not reflective how that impacts my ability to be grateful for the journey and often times gets me off track and not living in my purpose. In this past 18 months I have grown exponentially, my work output has increased 10 fold and I've activated my leadership in ways I didn't believe could happen in the time it has. This also brings great levels of anxiety and points of lowness that I haven't experienced before. One can only drive themselves forward and hard for so long before you begin to breakdown. The breakdown occurs in many forms but mainly because you are more aware and sensitive to your state of mind as well as the world we operate in. In my previous reflection I talked about the idea that when you become more "woke" or aware of way that our society works it begins to wear on you because very few people in your circle may be at that same level of understanding and that create points of isolation.

In order to truly stay true to your leadership and continue down the path of growth I believe there are 3 things that you need to know and inherit in your journey. First you must build in a routine or habit of taking care of your mind and body. With out the clarity and health of mind or the energy and strength of body you will stumble along. I've explored many aspects of building and healing my mind and have adopted mindfulness in many forms such as Salt and Float Therapy, guided meditation, and journaling. This has provided great resources for me in the points of lowness and anxiety as well as provided tremendous focus and clarity to the task at hand. This mindfulness has also been a great resource to understand my body and has aided in me rebuilding my physical health. I've been more attuned to how my body reacts to certain inputs as well as taken control when continuous ailments had taken aim at me such as sinus pain, muscle and joint pain. Once I was able to take control of my physical health I experienced increased productivity as well as clarity of my work. Both of these practices are part of your personal self care and are the first stage of transformative leadership

Another tool you must have to truly transform your leadership is the concept of continuous self improvement through understanding your purpose, values, and strengths. This requires you to also understand your current state, how you are currently aligned to your purpose, and your current performance in that purpose. Leadership is a three dimensional model. One could be very aware of their purpose but not understand where on the spectrum in which their current actions, capacity, and progress they are making. Knowing this will assist in the understanding of what areas you need to grow your leadership, what connections you need to make, and laying out a comprehensive sequence of destination you should make along your leadership journey.

Lastly, in order to truly transform as a leader you must trust your leadership. Allowing distractions, whether manufactured or real, to be present and take hold of you will hinder your ability to live in your purpose. There will be people that knew you before this period of growth, or come along during the journey, and won't see the growth or the intense focus you have and will test your mettle constantly. Allow these people to bring forward challenges but use it as an opportunity to show your growth. Be firm and confident in your preparation and trust your gut. After all this is what this is all about right!?!? You became aware of yourself, you took care of your self, and you built yourself up for these moments of truth. Don't take the backseat and relinquish your power, instead jump in the drivers seat and take control of the vehicle! Oh and don't let them control the music on your radio either! :)

These are all things that I have told myself and continue to tell myself along these past 18 months. And I'm constantly reminded that this journey will keep moving with our without your consent so you might as well take control of it and give it your all!