Report date
April 2024
Learning Log

Reflecting on my journey as a 2023 Bush Fellow, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to learn to take better care of myself. The time and space created by the fellowship were surprisingly lax, and unlike my former grant experience, I was not required to submit long financial reports or to write long narratives. Rather, I was given the space to look at myself, where I am in life, and what direction I intend to pursue. With my coach's assistance, I connected with some fellow healers and created the Sacred Circles of Ceremony project; I am filled with gratitude for the profound learning experiences it has offered me. Being part of this initiative has deepened my understanding of the intersection between Indigenous wisdom, holistic healing, and community well-being. Throughout the project, I have had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed co-directors who bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the table, enriching my knowledge and practice.

One of the most significant aspects of my learning journey has been the opportunity to integrate my academic studies with hands-on experience in the field of Indigenous health. As a second-year doctoral student, I have been able to apply theoretical concepts to real-world contexts, gaining invaluable insights into the practical application of Indigenous healing practices. Working alongside seasoned healers and practitioners has expanded my understanding of traditional healing methods and their relevance in contemporary society.

Moreover, my involvement in the Sacred Circles of Ceremony project has reinforced the importance of cultural humility and reciprocity in health promotion initiatives. By centering Indigenous knowledge and values, we have created a space where participants feel empowered to reclaim their health and well-being on their terms. This approach has fostered healing at the individual level and contributed to the revitalization of cultural identity and resilience within Indigenous communities.

As I look ahead, I am excited to continue my journey with fellowship as I further explore my self-care journey and learn to share this experience with future Bush Fellows. I am committed to leveraging this experience to advocate for culturally responsive health policies and practices that honor the holistic well-being of Indigenous peoples. Ultimately, I believe that by embracing Indigenous wisdom and fostering community-led solutions, we can create a future where all individuals have the opportunity to thrive in mind, body, and spirit.