Report date
May 2020
Learning Log

This journey with my Bush Fellowship has been profound for me. I have been crediting my shift emotionally, financially and socially to my opportunity to be a Bush Fellow. The fellowship has allowed me time to take a deep dive into my self-care. It has given me the capacity to think. Think about how I was showing up for myself, my family and my community as a being and then as a leader. I found that I was literally holding myself in a stagnant space due to 1) unresolved conversations with key family members, 2) not spending any time with myself to critically think about what my truths have been around my academic, social, emotional, financial, wellness and career and 3) I was not making time for my sons in ways that created the type of memories I desired to have with them. Those three areas of my life were all zapping my energy and holding my inner light and brilliance hostage LOL!

As I worked to first get a daily routine in place that included time for me to start my morning loving on myself through dedicated space with my higher power, exercising in nature and eating a meal high in alkaline and minerals the clarity of what I desired in my life began to deepen.

As I worked to secondly, have loving, honest and direct conversations with key family members the clarity in boundaries and willingness to be in relationship with them according to my truths allowed for us as a family to work on how we were showing up for each other regardless of if we agreed or disagreed. My relationships with them are now amazingly beautiful.

As I worked thirdly on beginning to schedule opportunities to have meaningful conversations while creating memories with my sons I created more mental capacity for myself in my career with my 'why' I was building my career matching my 'who' I was ultimately wanting to benefit from it. My capacity increased.

Along the way, I have been able to solidify key trainings that have increased my capacity in understanding business systems, my financial literacy, and the art of convening the meetings I have in my organization and all other meetings that I am involved in whether they are one on one or in group settings. My board, team and the girls I serve have noticed and benefited from my shift and compliment me often on the way I am leading them into our next phase of growth. I am honored and humbled to be able to have had this experience. Without it I know I would not be who I am at this time in my life. I also know that I would not be as confident, centered and equipped to take advantage of the opportunities that my organization is taking advantage of at this point in our 13 year history.

Nothing stands out nor surprises me about being a Bush fellow. Upon receiving the Bush Fellowship, I was well aware of the love, support and opportunities that the team at the Bush Foundation bring to their Bush family. I am simply grateful to have been chosen to come into the family and I look forward to staying connected as I journey into this vast world of opportunity that is in front of me and my organization!