Report date
May 2023
Learning Log

Since starting this journey last summer, my life has completely changed for the betterment. I have met so many people who have shape my perception of success and leadership, and at the same time taking time to care for myself in this journey as the journey can be quit heavy at times.

First of all, having an open-mindset is critical to success of ones' fellowship. An open-mindset allows you to go beyond the walls of your imagination in places never seemed possible. It allows you to work on the areas of improvements to take you to your greatest assets, yet to be discovered. I came into this fellowship with an open-mindset. Through the leadership courses I took, I not only gained some personal growth and development tools and met amazing people, but also found a clarity in my personal and professional career as a leader, assets that I have missed throughout whole life that others saw in me, and living my life to my fullest potential recovering from all the trauma I thought I had left behind. I'm done living life being null and chose to live life in wholeness. Furthermore, I learned to listened with an open-mind of those who are my role models, who have obtained leadership and success I admire, so that I can influence more people to follow the work.

Secondly, trust in the process. Trust that the process during the fellowship will allow you to find your pathway. Every person you meet along the way is meant to help you get to where you want to go as a leader. Everything that happens to you during this fellowship is meant to create stronger relationships to give you a greater purpose in life and your journey as a leader. For example, when I hit a brick wall, I usually will ponder the situation for weeks and weeks in my head, feeling shame and guilt and what I could have done differently. However, with the new tools I gained, I was able to trust the process. And through processing the situation with my coach, I was able to make my decision and move on with it. So this February, I realized that I had a greater calling than just my classroom and that the glass ceiling I encountered in the school system is a reminder that I need to retire from teaching K-12 education to create bigger systems change. I had to trust my coach, my instincts, and now I am so excited to see what next year will bring for me.

Lastly, put your health first. As we age, our health is not the same if we don't prioritize it first. When we are in pain, we can't focus and be our best. Been there done that. Because I heavily also focused on self-care after hitting rock bottom with my chronic neck and shoulder issues this winter, I decided to make a change with my health. I worked on eating healthier, finding multiple solutions for my chronic condition, and be preventive rather then reactive. Here's what I did: I raised my desk to be a standing desk. order the neck cloud and actually tried it consistently, and also went to experiment with Thai Massages when I went to my leadership retreat in Texas. Since the end of March, I have been pain free from chronic neck and shoulder issues. My physical body is in a better place and in return, gives me so much more time and energy spent on educational work that is crucial.

What you put into your fellowship is what you get out. I'm so grateful for this ever changing fellowship opportunity and I'm looking forward to year 2 of traveling abroad. I'll be leaving in 2 weeks to Vietnam to create new learning.