Men as Peacemakers Case Study

Men as peacemakers sign
Men as peacemakers sign

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Men As Peacemakers has developed a range programs that promote gender equity, repair harm and prevent future violence.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Men As Peacemakers (MAP) aims to end violence against women and children, with a specific focus on preventing sexual assault, dating violence and domestic violence.

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On a daily basis, Men As Peacemakers staff solicit feedback and collaboration with domestic violence survivors, women, Native Americans, people of color, LGBTQ community members and children. In the organization, all voices are welcome, respected and equal.

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Emphasize Learning

Employee orientation at Men As Peacemakers is a little different. Sure, there are tax forms to fill out and email accounts to set up. But they take things a step further than a presentation from in-house HR by giving new staff training opportunities in everything from Batterer’s Intervention, advocacy, movement building, strategic organizing, group facilitation and a long list of issue-specific topics.

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See how Men As Peacemakers engages men through education and unique training strategies in order to build a world where everyone works together to prevent violence.