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Accepting Applications for 2019 Bush Prize for Community Innovation

March 5, 2019

Awale (Wally) Osman, Community Innovation Associate: Staff Notes

In my time at the Bush Foundation, I have had the great opportunity to work and conduct site visits with many exceptional Bush Prize winners. They are quite simply some of the most fearless, passionate and effective change agents that I have ever known.

Bush Prize winners possess a track record of proven and impactful breakthroughs, foster a culture of innovation and inspire others. There are many reasons for their success, but part certainly comes from the intersection of dedicated collaborators, grounded in community-identified needs and wants and championing innovative and effective ideas.

Community problem solving requires teamwork. With the inclusion of their board, staff, partners and community, Bush Prize winners deliberately nurture a culture of experimentation and exploration to develop tools, practices and models that might be useful in moving their work forward. Led by courageous, capable and compassionate leaders, they create an environment where the leadership and authority of each person is recognized and encouraged. Bush Prize winners foster a culture that emphasizes self-awareness as individuals and as a group, where people assume best intentions in one another and believe that they make better decisions together than any one of them could alone.

After reading Wilder Research's insights into the characteristics of 2013 and 2014 Bush Prize winners (PDF), Bush Prize selection and criteria, and the Bush Prize Case Studies, if you believe your organization meets the selection criteria, please use our online scheduling system to set up a call with me or one of my Community Innovation teammates. We look forward to talking with you soon!

Which organizations in your community deserve a Bush Prize?

Winners receive a flexible grant of up to $500,000, media relations support and a short film sharing the story of their innovative work.

We will accept applications for the 2019 Bush Prize through April 11, 2019.

Visit Bush Prize for Community Innovation for eligibility, criteria and staff contact info.