Accepting bushCONNECT Partner Applications

September 3, 2019

Next year marks our fifth bushCONNECT (bushCON) to be held on October 5, 2020, at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. It takes a village to create bushCON and we’re looking for the partners who will co-create the experience and make it our best ever leadership and networking event! 

We work with programming partners who host workshops and present sessions throughout the day. We look for interesting, interactive and useful workshops and sessions that can help people develop key leadership skills and drive change in their communities. Explore workshops and sessions from 2018 to see what previous partners created. 

We work with recruitment partners who are well-connected to a network of people they want to bring to bushCON — or who will use this as an opportunity to grow a broader network. These partners will help host the cohorts they bring and build stronger connections among attendees. Meet the partners from 2018.

“Our partners bring bushCON to life, bringing their energy, ideas and networks to the table to help us craft an inspiring and welcoming experience for all participants,” said Megan Forgrave, Communications Program Manager. “We’re very excited to ramp up for our fifth bushCON, and to work with our partners to inspire, equip and connect all kinds of leaders across our region.” 

Application deadline for Programming and Recruitment Partners is September 26, 2019, at noon Central.

Apply to be a parter