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Kallie O'Hara

Kallie O'Hara: Are you a Bush Prize winner?

March 3, 2020

The Bush Prize is about inspiration. We tell the stories of Bush Prize winners to inspire problem solvers across the region — and we do it to inspire others to apply for the Bush Prize.

If you work with an organization with a track record of solving tough problems in your community, we want to hear from you. We work hard to be accessible to grant seekers, and we want you to be successful. If you fit the criteria, we believe you should have the tools and support at your fingertips to get funding from us. Consider this a reminder that we’re here to help!

Take a look at the resources available on our website as you think about your fit with the Bush Prize. One example is the Bush Prize Case Studies, which we produce about all of our winners, in partnership with Pollen. These are not only meant to be inspirational; they are meant to be instructive to everyone working on problem solving within our region. When you read through them, we hope you see the commonalities between all Bush Prize winners and their special way of working. The case studies paint a picture of how Prize winners create systems-wide change, and we hope that they give you a clear idea of what it means to have a track record of innovation.

Ask yourself: Is this the way that we work? Do we solve problems in collaborative and inclusive ways, and have the breakthrough solutions to show for it?

In addition to the case studies, we have staff standing by who have experience talking through your questions about the Prize and your fit with the criteria. We can talk to you about your pattern of innovation and let you know if it’s worth your time to apply for a Bush Prize. We know the work you do is important, and that time is a valuable resource for your organization. If we don’t see a fit, you can trust that we’ll tell you. Sign up for an inquiry call with us.

We know that the work you do is more complex than ever before. Consider applying for a Bush Prize, so that we can help inspire the region with your work.