Nexus Community Partners Case Study

Man presenting to a crowd
Man presenting to a crowd

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Nexus Community Partners operates in the community development space with a community engagement mindset, creating partnerships that deliver more impact than any one entity could on its own.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Through its efforts to transform the normally siloed community development approaches to workforce development and job creation, Nexus has earned its reputation as the “go-to organization” creating a means for people of color and low-wealth Minnesotans to exercise agency over their lives and their communities.

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More than the money

Nexus doesn’t provide direct grants to entrepreneurs. Instead it acts as a connector, bridging the gap between community members and potential funders — CDCs, private foundations, or governmental entities — that aren’t always supportive of organizations led by immigrants and people of color.

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An ear to the ground

Listening to community voices is central to Nexus’ work, as is elevating what it hears to the broader philanthropic community. To maintain this pipeline of listening, Nexus seeks to hire staff members with a strong connection to the communities in which it works.

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See how Nexus Community Partners operates in the community development space.