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Northfield Healthy Community Initiative Case Study

Globe and students at a table
Globe and students at a table

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Northfield Healthy Community Initiative helps to make Northfield a better place for kids to grow up.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (NHCI) centers its work around inclusion, collaboration and resourcefulness. Every successful program in its growing portfolio grew from those values. NHCI creates decision-making spaces that elevate community voice. This ensures that the resulting solutions reflect the community and have buy-in from a diverse group of partners.

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The Path to Easy

NHCI finds lessons in its past work that inform future programs. That feedback loop of listening helps the organization stay flexible while staying focused on results for kids. Sometimes that means sacrificing a broader reach in favor of a deeper impact with the people they’re able to serve.

Shared Vision

Leading with a new voice

NHCI has placed more than 150 young people on boards and commissions across Northfield through its Youth on Boards initiative. After some early stumbles, NHCI worked to improve its program design and get more proactive in preparing each student. This effort helped give more young people a voice in community decisions.

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See how Northfield Healthy Community Initiative creates inclusive solutions that support and empower young people.