Plains Art Museum Case Study

Plains Art Museum
Plains Art Museum

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Plains Art Museum engages communities in the creative process, and has become a regional leader in their approach to engaging traditional and contemporary Native art forms.

Excerpt from the case study

Plains Art Museum isn’t satisfied with being a “container for art.” Their staff of 30 work together to curate both art and a community dialogue. The resulting mix of perspectives helps Plains connect its many programs to the diverse communities they aim to serve.

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Your Opinions, Please

Plains Art Museum encourages its employees to think beyond their job titles. Their curatorial team is made up of staff from a range of departments, and the result is a more inclusive collection of pieces and shows, and a more inclusive museum community.

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A Radical Invitation

As the Fargo community continued its rapid diversification, Plains shifted its strategy. They invested in building relationships with other community organizations, and emphasized listening as their main objective. The improved dialogue helps Plains better understand and be more responsive to community needs.


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See how the Plains Art Museum integrates art and public life to make its community more resilient and welcoming.