Vision West North Dakota Case Study

People meeting
People meeting

Through a partnership with Pollen Midwest, we created a case study to learn how Vision West ND develops sustainable, community-based solutions to regional issues and proving that strong partnerships beat going it alone.

Excerpt from the Case Study

Vision West ND (VWND) brings the power of collaboration to solving unique problems in individual communities. From child care to transportation, housing to water quality, the organization’s creative approaches have made measurable progress in a region facing the issues that arise from rapid growth and its aftermath.

Emphasize Learning

Leading by Learning

VWND helps to identify common challenges across the region, but recognizes that the solutions might look different in individual communities. The coalition offers resources and training that allow communities to grow their problem-solving capacity and create their own tailor-made approaches.

Building relationships

The bold, the beautiful

VWND’s unincorporated consortium structure allows for creative solutions to surface. Their large semimonthly meetings can get messy, but the group’s dedication to balancing inclusiveness and efficiency means that every idea — and every voice — gets heard.

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See how Vision West ND uses strong partnerships to develop solutions.