Report date
April 2023
Learning Log

Dear New Fellow,
Please take time to rejoice and pat yourself on the back for this wonderful opportunity. After all, hundreds submit their applications every year and you’re the chosen one. The first few weeks will be full of praises, congratulatory messages, media interviews and a flurry of messages from friends, family, and strangers on social media. It is okay to feel overwhelmed, excited, and anxious at the same time. If you’re just like me and do not like that attention, I can assure you that moment will come to pass. So, bask in the moment of glory and fame albeit for a small duration.
When the honeymoon is over, I strongly suggest you quickly sit down and decide what to do with the fellowship. Time goes so fast, so please make sure you get your priorities right from the onset. You may experience a desire to do everything and change the whole world within 2 years. Harboring dreams is great, but make sure they are realistic and achievable.
My fellowship journey for the last 9 months has been exciting and challenging experience at the same time. I had just joined a community of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, and I was eager to learn from them and contribute to the collective knowledge. I met with several cohort members and exchange ideas about what they were planning to do with their fellowship. I shared my plan with them and received constructive feedback. I also regularly sought counseling and advice from Bush Fellowship staff the first few months and quickly realized that I had freedom to chart my pathway and they were there to support me. I quit my job and focused on 3 main things: pursuing a master’s degree, taking care of my health and fitness and get certifications on various fields like leadership and financial literacy.
The bulk of my time is spent in school and working on assignments. One of the first things I noticed when I started my master’s degree is the emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. From day one, I was encouraged to work with my fellow students, and we were given numerous opportunities to collaborate on various projects and initiatives. This allowed me to learn from their experiences and perspectives, as well as to develop my communication and interpersonal skills. As a new student, part of the program requirement, was to work on a research project. This was a valuable experience that allowed me to apply the skills I had learned and to gain hands-on experience in my field of interest. The project was challenging, but I was able to overcome the obstacles with the help of my classmates and the support of my professors.
Another significant aspect of my learning journey was the emphasis on personal and professional development. My program provided me with various resources and opportunities to learn new skills, such as attending workshops, conferences, and training programs. I also had access to a mentor who provided guidance and support as I navigated the challenges of being a new Fellow. I meet with this mentor twice a month and he has incredible knowledge on money matters and wealth creation.
Throughout my learning journey, I also learned the importance of reflection and self-assessment. The fellowship provided us with regular opportunities to reflect on our progress and identify areas for improvement. This allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses, set goals for myself, and develop a plan to achieve them. My favorite thing is reading learning journey reflections posted by my cohort members on the fellowship portal. Overall, my learning journey as a Bush fellow is a transformative experience so far. I gained valuable knowledge and skills, made meaningful connections with my peers and mentors, and grew both personally and professionally. I feel grateful for the opportunities that were provided to me and look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a fellow.