Report date
November 2021
Learning Log

The Bush Fellowship simultaneously inspires you and challenges you. From the beginning you are encouraged and inspired to Dream Big. And when you think you’re dreaming big, they encourage to dream even bigger. At a time and in an environment that often tries to rein in and limit your dreams, the asks you to dream without proper resources, it’s so refreshing to be encouraged and supported to stretch the limits of your dream. I have not experienced that in some time. But you’re not asked to dream with out a plan, without concrete steps to put your dream into action because dreams without action are of no consequence. This not simply to imagine what new goal you can accomplish but to look at how your plan can prepare you to become the leader you want to be. How can you prepare yourself to lead in such a way that your leadership prepares other, gives others insight to lead and make change, beyond you? Change that requires you to be present, that bounds you to the solution is limited change. Because when you are gone, and others have not been prepared to follow in leadership, have not been given the tools carry forth that leadership, it can amount to no change at all. And this is the challenge, how do you lead so that you can make your leadership obsolete because you have given others the tool to carry forth that vision and change. As one, who often leads through action and by example, and doing what needs to be done. This is one of the challenges I continue to contend with and unpack on this journey. I hope to continue and learn and share, as I growth deeper in my leadership.