Report date
May 2023
Learning Log

Starting the bush fellowship, feels like starting a kindergarten all over again. There you are, all wide eyed with a wondrous light and newness. Of course You’re covered in a glittering garment that celebrates your unshy smile. Don’t even get me started on your kind shoes, how they glide you, walzing you into braver tomorrow. I see you, leaping into the air, bird like wings arms still floating. You are as ready as you could ever be. To grab a hold of you an idea, of a dream, old, new, or young. You are ready to make it come alive, to watch it seed, grow, bloom and provide shade for you and others.
But you stop for a second. A familiar feeling bubbles, a fear of the unknown. The what “ifs” and “buts” tried to fumble out of your precious mouth. Here, your loved ones and your dream cheerleaders surround you one last time to remind you. You are exactly where you need to be. On this very path of your own making, with your bare tired hands. Here you are now, at the top of a mountain of your own hard work.
In some ways, you will continue to be a first of many, of dreamers, of schemers, of good trouble makers who just followed an “itch” to see and do things differently for a greater cause.
As you embark on your first day of kindergarten and first day of renewal, you may meet an unlikely comrades, a mentors, who built you a resting bench, wrote you a cheat sheets on how it takes all of us to ignite, evolve and light our shared journeys. And a journey shared is a joy rebirth.