Anita Patel

Anita Patel: Supporting leadership through the Community Innovation program

November 17, 2020

The Community Innovation (CI) program is your open door to the Bush Foundation. And, we recently made changes to the program to make it even more simple and open! If you have an idea with the potential to solve a community challenge, we invite you to check out the CI program — whether you are looking to develop, test and spread a great idea, or to inspire, equip and connect people to lead change more effectively.

That’s right — the expanded CI program now supports ideas that inspire, equip and connect people to more effectively drive change. This is one of the big changes to the program that we want to make sure you know about. You may be familiar with the fact that the Bush Fellowship program invests in individual leaders, but did you know that ideas that develop groups of leaders can fit into the CI program?

As leaders across our region are taking on long-standing racial injustice, a deepening recession and a global pandemic, we know that supporting programs that help people to lead in strong, equitable and connected ways is the ONLY way we will move our region forward.

  • Do you have an idea that helps leaders transform themselves and the organizations and systems they work in?
  • Does your idea help leaders grow in a way that isn’t happening right now?
  • Are you hoping to bring about transformative change by working with leaders who may have been underinvested in by other leadership efforts?
  • Are you working to make sure leaders are inspired, equipped and connected to move your issue forward?

If so, check out the CI criteria and application questions and sign up for an inquiry call to talk through your idea.