Headshot of Damon Shoholm

Big ideas for your leadership journey

August 22, 2022

The application period for the Bush Fellowship is opening soon! We encourage leaders from all spaces and places to consider whether this is the right time to apply for a Fellowship because we need leadership from all fields to make our region better for everyone.

The Bush Fellowship is an opportunity for focused attention on your individual leadership growth and the big ideas that could lead to the lasting change you see for yourself and seek with your community.

Do you have a thirst for continuous learning and development? Do you have ideas that you believe could lead to equitable change for your community? Then consider submitting your application. This could be your marker for investing in yourself as a leader and a significant step toward cultivating what you believe will expand your impact.

Some key things to think about as you consider the Fellowship:

  • What personal leadership growth do you want to see in yourself and what do you need to bring that vision forward?
  • How does your leadership vision serve your community and our region in equitable and inclusive ways?
  • What do you need to sustain your energy and vibrancy as a leader?

To see change in ourselves, to pursue big ideas and bold visions for our communities, and to experience regional transformation, we need leaders that are thinking big about what’s possible. Perhaps this is the right moment in your leadership journey for deeper exploration of your leadership growth by submitting a Fellowship application. If you have questions, we’re here to help!  Set up a time to talk or reach out to a Bush Fellow you may already be connected to in your community.