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We are a learning organization and work to be smarter and more effective every year. We never lose sight of the reason we exist: to do the most possible good with the resources left to the community by Archibald G. Bush. Here we share the lessons we learn through our efforts, as well as the insights of our grantees and Fellows.

Community Creativity Cohort
Papers & Reports

In 2015 the Bush Foundation took a unique approach to develop a new program strategy: we created a one-time grant program to provide operating support to exemplary organizations while involving them in the design of a new ongoing program.

Legal Services of North Dakota
Bush Prize Case Study

The staff at Legal Services of North Dakota (LSND) struggled for years to balance intake procedures with providing quality legal representation for low-income, disadvantaged and elderly populations across North Dakota. To fix that, LSND streamlined applications through a centralized intake system that transformed its work.

Community Innovation
Papers & Reports

Our hope is that by providing examples and analyzing themes within this review of how the 18 Bush Prize winners from 2013 and 2014 achieved their innovations and foster a culture of innovation, readers will have a greater understanding of the factors and approaches that are common among organizations that have demonstrated a pattern of community innovation. 

Bush Fellow Learning Log
"Being able to reflect back on our own stories in order to understand where we are going in life has been one of the things I enjoyed the most about this Fellowship because it is only when we understand what we’ve been through can we understand we are going."
Native American Community Development Institute
Bush Prize Case Study

The Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) spent three years asking Native people what they wanted for their future, as opposed to what they needed to meet their basic needs. The gatherings resulted in a rich and bold vision for a vibrant, resilient community that celebrates Native identity.

Anu Family Services
Bush Prize Case Study

Anu Family Services (Anu) connects children in foster care with loving and stable families. Its culture of innovation is evident in its willingness to develop new relationships and partnerships and in its rigorous pursuit of evidence and data.

Reflections from Bush Fellows and Grantees

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Learning Logs
Community Innovation process
Learning Logs